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I Read Your Submission On ""Rooting the Galaxy S3 (for Mac Users). It Was Very Interesting Indeed. I Recently Bought a Galaxy S3 Mini (GT-I8190N, Ver. 4.1.2) and Realise That My External 32 Gb SD Is Useless Unless My Device Is Rooted....and Many Other Such Disadvantages.My question to You Is: Does the Motochopper Rooting Work for a s3 Mini Too? Does CASUAL also Work for a Mini? If Not, Can You Please Help Me as I Need Access to My Ext Storage Drive, and There Seems To Be a Lot of Conflicting & Inaccurate Info Floating Around. By the Way, Our PC Is a Mac. Though I Am a Mainframes Programmer and Sr. Systems Analyst, I Know Very Little About Micros and Their Platforms. Pls. HELP. Thanks,

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Hey Gigi. As far as I know, rooting your S3 Mini GT-18190N will require some form of Windows to work correctly. You can however use bootcamp on your Mac and install Windows or check out VM Fusion's free 30 day trial. From there you can use CASUAL, which should work for your rooting your mini and accessing your 32GB SD card.

Thanks for relying, Osas.

I do have VM Fusion, its just that I find Mac is safer to use. However, I will take your advise and check out CASUAL. Any more suggestions anyone????

Thanks again, Osas.... Gigi

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