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I have a Galaxy s3 Root Now outbreak with the previously version 4.3 and 4.1.2 after upgrading the software of the device the sd card does not work ..what can I do ??

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yes ..
He writes that "empty sd card or unsupported file system

i think the problem has to be the sd card. try to put it in another device and format it or you can use your pc if your have and sd card adapter.

But I can fix it ??

How come when I format a sdcard to my samsung galaxy 3 it will not let me download the stuff onto my pc.

At sisi did you installed the samsung usb drivers? in other words does the computer recognize your phone?
At Neri yeah it should fix it if your format it from another device

Am trying to update my galaxy s 4g right now and i cant update my firmware version. How can i do it

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