How To: Install Multi-View on Your Samsung Galaxy S3 to Run Multiple Apps at the Same Time

Install Multi-View on Your Samsung Galaxy S3 to Run Multiple Apps at the Same Time

While many of the U.S. carriers have updated their Samsung Galaxy S3 devices to Android 4.1.2 already, one major absence from the upgrade is Samsung's Premium Suite. One of the coolest features from the Premium Suite is Multi-View, a function that lets you truly multitask by running two apps at the very same time—right next to each other.

As you can see above in the left image, I have both Pandora and Spotify running. Why? Because why not?!? On the right, I have YouTube on top and Maps on the bottom.

Pretty cool, right?

The international versions of the Galaxy S3 have this feature already, so it's just us stateside folks who've been left out in the cold by our carriers—like always.

Well, if you're a rooted Sprint user, you can take the do-it-yourself approach and get this awesome Multi-View feature now! Developer gruesomewolf has created a flashable file for us all that will add the Multi-View feature to your GS3. As long as you meet the basic requirements, installing this mod is very easy.

Note: Versions for other carriers should be available soon. Check back for updated links and instructions for AT&T, T-Mobile, and Verizon.

What You'll Need for This Mod

  • The Sprint variant of the Samsung Galaxy S3 (again, check back soon for updates on other carriers)
  • Root
  • A deodexed ROM running Android Jelly Bean 4.1.2
  • The mod file
  • A current backup, just in case.

How to Install Multi-View on Your GS3

  1. Place the mod file in the root of your internal SD card.
  2. Reboot to recovery.
  3. Clear cache and dalvik cache.
  4. Install the mod file.
  5. Reboot.

If you have any questions on this process, ask away in the comments below, or over in our forum.

How to Use Your New Multi-View Feature!

So, now that you've installed it, let's get in to how to use Multi-View.

Once you are booted back up, press and hold the Back button. You should notice a small tab on the left side of your screen. Press that tab, and you will see a scrollable list of your apps.

To use Multi-View, simply drag an app to the home screen (this works in portrait or landscape orientation).

Keep in mind, if you are in an app already, you drag another app to either the top or bottom half (left or right if in landscape mode). If you are on your homescreen and drag an app, it will be full screen, as only one app is open.

This mod takes Samsung's original design and actually improves it; the original feature is limited in the apps you can use with Multi-View, but with gruesomewolf's mod, there is no limitation to the apps you can use.

Just press the "Edit" button to change the apps that appear in the Multi-View window. Additionally, you can change the size of the two windows by adjusting the slider, swap windows using the "Swap" button or go full screen with the "Full Screen" button.

It's awesome devs like gruesomewolf who not only provide us with mods that take our devices to next level, but do so in an open way. Because he open-sourced his mod, it won't be long before it's baked into your favorite ROM. Not only that, but it is only a matter of time until this mod is ported over to the other U.S. carriers. Again, check back to get the files when they become available.

Have fun with your new feature, and post comments and questions below!

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Do you have a video showing step by step how to get multi window

Not yet, but working on it.

Is there a place where you are getting stuck?

Any idea on when this will come available to the Verizon i535 Samsung gs3 model?

Still being worked on at the moment, but I'll know when it's up and will update this How-to.

"It's awesome devs like gruesomewolf who not only provide us with mods that take our devices to next level"

Umm, Team Synergy were the only ones who did the multiwindow port. This guy just made a of their files. The author needs to update this post to give proper credit.

Well, the Synergy mod was shared with ONE other developer on the Sprint side. His port gave credit to Synergy, and it was the only rom that had Multi-view for months.

This port is original work and open sourced, which is why in a matter of days every TW Sprint rom had Multi-view. In any regard, this dev does give credit to Synergy for their original port.

I'm not sure that's entirely true. I've been following Synergy for years and they share their stuff with anyone who asks, every time. I saw the link they passed around to other devs to show how they did multiwindow and it had like 80 downloads, not one.

The 'ONE' ROM you are referring to on Sprint was an unofficial port of Synergy's Verizon ROM before the Synergy guys themselves figured out how to make their ROM multicarrier and released it to all 4 networks. They did not exclusively cherry-pick who received the mod, but sad to see they aren't getting full credit for their work on sites like this.

Either way, the author made it sound like grusomewolf was the one who "added the functionality" when in fact it was not him. That's my point.

Point taken and edit to follow, thanks.

Is there a version for UK T-Mobile versions? (i9305)

No, this is not for international variants. Have you tried a software update? You may already have this feature.

Settings > System Update

I have 4.1.2 but it is only select apps I can use it with.

Found it for ya! Just so I make sure to give you the right version, please go to Settings > About device and give me your "Build Number" and (if you have it) your "Baseband version".

Also, you will need to be rooted for this to work.

That's right. Okay, let me see if I can find something for you.

Build Number: JZO54K.I9305XXBLL5
Baseband version: I9305BVBLL2

Here you go.

Make sure you have a current nandroid, then just wipe Cache and Dalvik Cache in recovery and flash.

didn't work, now when it loads up it has a blank screen but the buttons still work :/

Go back to recovery, wipe both caches, flash the mod, then run "fix permissions". That may be hidden in the advanced section of your recovery.

Very weird. The whole screen is blank, or just the MultiView tab?

I just realised I didn't wipe my davlik if that would cause the problem at all

I know I'm a little late to the party but I got way excited seeing this. I tried it out on my Sprint GS3 but got stuck at the ROM's boot screen. I've wiped as little as the cache and delvik as well as a full wipe but same results. I've also used fix permissions as noted in the comments but no luck there either. Any thoughts how to get this to work? One catch and maybe this is the deal breaker but my ROM is based on 4.2.2.

On another note, the link in the page to download the zip takes you to a file that no longer exists. Here's the link I found to two others that based in their names I assume to be the same file as was linked originally.

This will not work on the latest build, it will softbrick your phone if your on a build higher than 4.1.x not exactly sure why, but my understanding would be because multi-view is already built into the 4.2.x builds. I did exactly what you did, twice! My wife was pissed when i broke her phone :) but i did find the features.xml file that houses the app list for multi-view. Maybe by adding the apps system name to this list will incorporate them into multi-view. But i could be wrong on that. Let me know if someone tweaks that with success though!!

This mod is only for 4.1.X roms. If you are on 4.2.2, you are either on an AOSP based rom (multi view will probably never work) or you have an early peak at 4.2.2 from Samsung.

Unfortunately, it sounds like you'll need to re-install your rom.

Can you PLEASE tell me how to get rid of the tab on the left that blocks some of the screen? I HATE it!!!!

Just disable multiview to get rid of it. You can do that by swiping down from the top and tapping the multiview icon to toggle it off. I don't know how to get rid of it while multiview is on though.

Just hold the back button to toggle MV on and off. You can also press and hold the tab to move it up or down, and you expand the tab, press and hold to move the entire bar.

There's an app that does it for you on the play store called multi window manager

I'm running 4.1.2 on a Sprint Galaxy S3 and this mod installed successfully but when I try to use it, it crashes with the error message : " has stopped"

How do i fix this?

Are you using a Deodexed rom or stock rom?

is there a version for the att gs3 yet?

It should be baked into most roms by now, but let me check if there is a standalone version.

How do I get this if my Samsung Galaxy S3 is Metro PCS?

Do you have multi-view available for the US Cellular GS3?

Baseband: R530UVXMB1
Build Number: JZ054K.R530UVXAMB1

my gs3 L710 stock firmware has it already on 4.1.2 and it's called multi-window. hold the back softkey and it should pop up. I have Sprint service but somehow reprovisioned itself to boost mobile.

It's been a while since this was posted, and you said you said you would add on instructions for other carriers, but this still has not happened. Are you still planning on adding these, and if so, do you have any idea on how long it will take, specifically for Verizon.

The reason I haven't is because most carriers have released official updates for MultiView. Verizon did update, but then pulled it, The new one should be out in the next couple of weeks.

If you don't want to wait for the official update, you can flash many roms that incorporate MV. I can recommendMOAR or Synergy as two great options.

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