How To: The Easiest Way Possible to Root Your Samsung Galaxy S3 (Just One Click!)

The Easiest Way Possible to Root Your Samsung Galaxy S3 (Just One Click!)

Samsung does a good job of making their devices fairly open, and the Galaxy S3 is no different. There are numerous way to root a device, but sometimes the jargon and steps can be a little intimidating for new rooters, and even pro rooters.

XDA Elite Recognized Developer Adam Outler has developed what has to be the easiest root method ever, aptly named CASUAL.

Simply plug in your phone and click one button. Best of all, because it's written in Java, it's multi-platform. That means this can run on your Windows, Mac, or Linux setup.

A Few Things to Keep in Mind

  • This is active development, meaning more betas and carriers/devices to come.
  • At the moment this will only work with AT&T variants of the Galaxy S3. More to follow, but in the meantime, try rooting with Odin or the Universal Toolkit.
  • While rooting does not delete data, it's never a bad idea to back up call logs, SMS, and apps.
  • This may be a little wonky on Macs. Give it a shot, the worst that can happen is it doesn't work. No harm, no foul.
  • There may be a few bugs along the way. If you have trouble, post in the forums or comment below.

Keep checking back here or on the original XDA thread for updates.

Steps to Root Using CASUAL

  1. Download CASUAL onto your computer.
  2. Check to assure your Java is up to date.
  3. Run CASUAL.
  4. Make sure "USB Debugging" (Settings -> Developer Options) is turned on on Your GS3 and plug in your device.
  5. Once it says "Device Connected", just hit the "Do It" button.
  1. You'll been rooted and rebooting in less than a minute.

Now that you're rooted, don't forget to install a custom recovery so that you can flash ROMs, mods, and more. And with your newfound freedom with your S3, try installing Multi-View, theming your OS, or installing Google's latest camera with Photo Sphere.

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Can I get the jelly bean 4.1.2 on my samsung galaxy S3 sgh-i747 at&t?? And how someone please help!

Hi will this work on a unlocked UK Samsung GS 3 yet .

I have a at&t samsung galaxy s3 i747 and cant seem to get the Casual app to stay connected. It says there is no connection to the device and stops progress in the middle of everything. I am using windows xp and still cannot find a successful way to root. Im no dev but im trying to learn so any help will be greatful.

Does it work on jealybean v 4.3?????? Pls help and fast!!!!!!!

apparently does'n work on windows xp I try too, on windows 8 works perfectly

Can I root my Galaxy S3 if I have the T-mobile version of the phone?

What Android version are you on now?

"Downloading.... Do not turn off target!" and frozen there. What now?

Are you using an AT&T version? Also, what version of Android is your GS3 currently?

root samsung galaxy s3 but signature verifi fail

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