How To: Get Photo Sphere Live Wallpapers on Your Samsung Galaxy S3 (Without Rooting)

Get Photo Sphere Live Wallpapers on Your Samsung Galaxy S3 (Without Rooting)

For the first time ever, iPhones will be getting live panoramic wallpapers in iOS 7, but it's something Android devices have always embraced.

On your Samsung Galaxy S3, you can have anything as your Home or Lock screen background, from a static wallpaper, to a live interactive one, to the latest and greatest option (and my personal favorite)—Photo Spheres.

While live wallpapers have cool effects like water dripping or lights flashing, Photo Spheres give you a 360 degree view of your favorite exotic locations, giving you a mini vacation in the palm of your hand.

Creating Your Own Photo Sphere Live Wallpapers

As of right now, only Nexus series devices running the latest Jelly Bean 4.2 software can actually take Photo Sphere panoramas using the stock Camera app. Fortunately, if you're a softModder and don't mind rooting your GS3, you can actually install the 4.2-style Camera and Gallery apps. If you're interested in doing that, check out Faisal's softModder guide for instructions. You could even install the new 4.3-style ones, too.

Photo Sphere Live Wallpapers for Non-Rooted GS3s

Some of you may not want to do all that just to get some cool Photo Sphere wallpapers on your device. For that, there are a few non-root apps that'll get the job done. Nelson already showed off one over at Galaxy Note 2 softModder that does this, called Photosphere Live Wallpaper, but I'm going to show off a different app for our GS3s called Photosphere HD Live Wallpaper.

Step 1: Download the App

Start by going to Google Play and downloading Photosphere HD Live Wallpaper by developers Hampster Beat.

Step 2: Choose & Configure Your Photo Sphere

Once you start the app, you'll be taken to a screen asking if you wish to set the default wallpaper onto your homescreen. You can tap on Yes to use it, or Continue to go to another screen and choose a different one.

Images via

From here, you can choose another image via your Gallery or from the image packs pre-installed on the app. There's one pack called Mother Nature that's free, but the others all cost $0.99 if you want to be lazy. I'd rather search for free Photo Spheres (see Step 3 for info on that).

Image via

After you choose an image you can adjust the angle, brightness and the camera effects.

Step 3: Get Free Photo Sphere Wallpapers

If you're like me and don't want to pay for the Photo Sphere wallpapers that the app has to offer, you can also search and download free Photo Sphere images online. The obvious places to look are directly on Google Maps and by using the hashtag #photosphere on Google+.

Another options is SphereShare. However, I have not had success in viewing the images on my GS3, but I can easily view and download them on my computer, then transfer them over. They do have a free Android app (with ads), but if you want to download Photo Spheres directly from it, you have to upgrade to a premium account ($1.99).

What do you think of Photosphere HD Live Wallpaper? Let us know in the comments section, or just share a screen capture of your badass new wallpaper.

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Photo by Jude Thomas

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