How To: Get All the Stock Wallpapers from the Moto X on Your Samsung Galaxy S3

Get All the Stock Wallpapers from the Moto X on Your Samsung Galaxy S3

I never really get tired of staring at the beautiful Halle Berry wallpaper on my Samsung Galaxy S3, but occasionally she needs a break. There are literally thousands of different wallpapers to choose from, but since the new Moto X just came out, its stock wallpapers are ripe for the picking.

Step 1: Download the Moto X Default Wallapers

You can grab all 16 of the stock Moto X wallpapers (.zip file) from this this Mega link. Download them onto your computer first. For some reason, the Mega mobile site is buggy on the GS3, and you have to sign in to download anything with the Mega app for Android.

Alternatively, you can use this download link instead of Mega, or just hit up the bottom of this article where all of the images are embedded (and skip Step 2 and 3) to set your favorite wallpaper directly on your GS3.

Step 2: Transfer Them to Your GS3

I unzipped the file on my Mac, but you can use Windows, too. Afterward, just plug in your GS3 to the computer and transfer them to your preferred destination. If you're using a Mac like me, you'll need the Android File Transfer program to do so.

Step 3: Set Up Your New Wallpapers

Now that you have all the wallpapers on your device, you can try them out and see which one you like best.

Once you find one that you like, select it and hit the Menu button. Find "Set as" and chose where you want the wallpaper to be placed.

You can chose between Contact photo, Lock screen, Home screen, or Home and lock screen. I went with the official Moto X wallpaper and set it as my Lock screen wallpaper. Not as good as Halle, but it gives her a well-deserved rest.

All of the Moto X Wallpapers Right Here

To set the following images as your wallpaper on your GS3, just click on your favorite one to open the full-res version, then tap and hold until the menu pops up, then select Set wallpaper for and choose your preference.

What's your favorite stock wallpaper from Motorola's new Moto X smartphone? What's your favorite from other devices?

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