How To: Flick Open the Camera App Moto X-Style on Your Samsung Galaxy S3

Flick Open the Camera App Moto X-Style on Your Samsung Galaxy S3

We have all had buyer's remorse. It's an inevitable fact of life that we get things only to want another. For those of us with a Samsung Galaxy S3, some of those new Moto X features are probably looking pretty tempting.

But there's no reason to jump ship for a few cool gimmicks when you can just replicate them on the GS3.

One such feature the Moto X has that I've been drooling over is Quick Capture, which lets you flick to launch the Camera app. We can easily replicate this action on our GS3s using a free app called Twisty Launcher by Prometheus Interactive.

Free Features of Twisty Launcher

After you download Twisty Launcher, you'll automatically have the Chop Twice to open the Camera app enabled. So, just flick it twice with the screen facing you and the Camera app should open up.

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The other free feature of Twisty Launcher lets you use your gestures when the screen is currently on, but on the lock screen. So, if you wanted to flick twice to open up the Camera from the lock screen, you can.

Paid Features of Twisty Launcher

If you want more than just flicking open the Camera app, you can unlock all gestures by paying $1.00. The other gestures include is twisting it from face up to face down twice and twisting twice when your GS3 is right in front of you. The in-app purchase also allows you to pick any app you want to open with these gestures.

The other paid gestures are great, but if you just want something similar to the Moto X's flick open the camera, then the free version should do the trick.

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