How To: Go Old School on Your Samsung Galaxy S3 with a Rotary Dialer

Go Old School on Your Samsung Galaxy S3 with a Rotary Dialer

Out with the old, in with the new—but sometimes that phrase is reversed. Just take a look around and you'll see some high-top fades from the '90s and some hipster wearing his great grandmother's Depression-era reading glasses.

So, no matter how many new phones or styles come out, the nostalgia for the past is always present, especially in the dialer department, where sleekness and efficiency have led to boringness.

If you're bored with the contemporary dialers available for your Samsung Galaxy S3, then go back in time with me and try out Old School Rotary Dialer by developer Sylvain Saurel.

After installing the app, you can open it up and starting dialing old-school style.

The app doesn't really need any setup. Just select a number and then drag it to the silver clip. Repeat until the complete number has been entered and then hit the green call button in the center. You can also automatically add your contacts and call instantly if you want.

Obviously, using the Rotary Dialer is not the fastest method for calling up your friends, family, and business associates, but retro is alway cool.

By hitting the menu button, you can bring up the app's preferences. Here you can adjust the sound, vibration, and call log limits. You can also leave the developer feedback and write an app review.

If you want just the rotary look, but don't want the extra effort, you can enable Quick Dial, which allows you to just tap on the numbers like most modern dialers.

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This should really be fun.I remember rotary dial phones from when I was a kid! of course cell phone technology amazes me too. Are these things for real

It's nice for 2-3 times. showing the juniors how hard life used to be.

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