How To: Switch Between Running Apps & Games Faster on Your Samsung Galaxy Note 3

Switch Between Running Apps & Games Faster on Your Samsung Galaxy Note 3

Quickness and efficiency should always be a fundamental aspect of the experience when using any Android device. Anything less, and we've got a problem. As app development continually progresses, these adjectives become much more refined and polished, making the use of a smartphone a flawless affair of swipes and gestures.

That being said, I'm going to show you a relatively new app from Android dev Mohammad Adib called Switchr, available for free on Google Play, which will make switching between apps and games on your Samsung Galaxy Note 3 faster than ever—with the simple swipe of a finger.

We've already shown you Switchr Beta on the Samsung Galaxy S3, but now it's much more effective and faster (not to mention easier to download).

Choosing Your Switchr Style

After installing Switchr, you'll be asked to choose between two different styles of multitasking—Switchr Flow or Switchr Slide.

Of the two, Switchr Flow (bottom left) is better looking and easier to use. You can access it by swiping in from the top left. In order to access the running apps, hold your finger down and swipe left or right to run through the rolodex.

With Switchr Slide (bottom right), you'll also need to swipe into the screen from the top left, but there will be single blocks of an individual app which you can switch by slamming it into the left edge of the screen. Repeat the process to go through all the apps

Customizing Your Switchr Experience

If you want to customize the app, you'll be limited to a few settings such as changing the style, starting Switchr on boot, editing margins/sensitivity, and whether or not you want the app name to be displayed.

In order to unlock the rest of the settings (changing screen edge, enhanced tasking, etc.), you can purchase the pro version (currently $2.99).

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