How To: Make the Stock Weather Widget Transparent on Your Samsung Galaxy S4

Make the Stock Weather Widget Transparent on Your Samsung Galaxy S4

The stock weather widget preloaded on your Samsung Galaxy S4 is really great, but there's one thing that's missing—options. The weather widget shows just the right amount of information at a glance, and it's not too shabby looking either, but for us softModders, it'd be really nice to have more options.

Well, today I'm going to provide you with a couple. Interestingly enough, this is a topic I first covered on the Samsung Galaxy S3.

How to Get Transparent Weather Widgets

Android dev and themer Jon Ciepiela (aka reverepats) has created two variations to the stock AccuWeather widget on the GS4—a 70% transparent and 100% transparent one.

Best of all, Installing these mods on our Galaxy S4s is super easy.

Simply download the style you want (70% or 100%) onto your GS4, move the file to your internal SD card, and flash in recovery (no need to wipe anything, the install script will handle all of that for you).

Image via

That's all there is to it.

How to Revert Back to the Stock Weather Widget

If you want to revert back to the original widget, simply flash the restore file in recovery mode like you did with one of the mods above.

Comment below if you have any questions on this, or head to the forum if you have any other problems on your GS4.

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i really needed to know how to do that
i was just sick of it

I downloaded the file and powered back on in recovery widget didnt change from the original. How can I tell if I saved it to internal vs not?

When you plug into a computer, it should be in the folder called "phone".

You need to flash it via Recovery. Either CWM or TWRP will do

Hey thanks for the great write up lol. Didn't know about this till a friend saw it himself. I appreciate it and glad ya like it.


No problem! Thanks for the great mod and we look forward to more!

hi, newbie here,
is it possible to flash this on unrooted stock touchwiz recovery and how?

tried putting the zip file in sd card and install from stock recovery but when getting into recovery it says "no command" and then "manual mode" appears and when i install zip from sd card can't validate package?? any suggestions please?

thanks in advance.

I would HIGHLY suggest NOT doing this. You must be rooted, and you must have a custom recovery.

this is a great , i like it.. just one thing for my OCD ass ... the BORDER! .. how can i take the BORDER or shadow out.. its annoying.. @@ its out of control.. let me know

Leak one for the sgs3 mini please id be grateful

Hello All
When clicking on the 100% link, I have:
file doesn't exist
You may have typed in the wrong URL, or maybe the developer has removed the file.
You can try the search bar above to find what you are looking for.

Can anyone tell me where Can I download this file and confirm have tried it?

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