Forum Thread: Alternatives to the S3 Keyboard?

My buddy has a different keyboard on his phone, know of any alternative keyboards for my phone?

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I found a list of keyboards you can try out. Stock JellyBean keyboard, SmartKeyboard, Adaptxt, SwiftKey, TouchPal, SlideIT, Swipe, GoKeyboard, Thumb Keyboard or 8pen.

I recommend SwiftKey if you're into features and great predictive text typing. Definitely give that one a try. Highly recommend it. It can't be beat!

I love Swiftkey. It was one of the first apps I paid for and I have zero regrets. Here's a copy of Swiftkey Flow; same awesomeness of Swiftkey, but with the ability to swipe. It's a beta, and it will expire, but you can at least test it out.

Thanks, I'll give SwiftKey a go. Seems to be a popular one on Google Play. What do you guys prefer as your method of typing? Swiping or traditional?

I like swiping keyboards as my choice. It's a different way of typing but it works very well once you get the hang of just tracing over the keys you wanna press.

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