Forum Thread: S3 Video Can Play in Phone but Unable to Play Properly in PC

Hi Everyone, i need helps as i am very bad in IT & gadget stuff. Hope u guys can help me this. For Samsung S3, i am able to view the video but once i transferred in the PC & play it, the video sound crack,the images quality is bad. I have even converted it to lower resolution but still the same problem.

It is .mp4 file, size 56MB which info shown in my PC while in my S3 phone it shown resolution 1920 x 1080. Kindly need your helps & to show me how. Thank you so much :)


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When you play the videos on the phone, do you get the cracking noise?

When playing on phone no cracking noise, i also do not know why??? now i got a few video unable to play properly in PC. Thanks

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