Forum Thread: How Can I Root the Galaxy S4?

I know the phone hasn't been released yet, but I'm wondering if there is any indication of the root method. The last few Galaxy devices have been pretty easy.

Anyone know anything about how easy it could be, and whether the bootloader is locked?

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Very hard to say anything definitively, but my guess would be that just as easy as the past few devices.

Renowned Android developer Chainfire got a very quick glimpse that the S4 and remotely attempted to gain root.

He attempted it on the Qualcomm based version (the one we will see in the US), and while he was able to gain basic root access, it did not hold through reboots. Keep in mind, this is with an hour with the device using remote access. He seems confident that it can be easily done.

The bigger question will be how much the carriers add to Samsung's device. Verizon is notorious for locking bootloaders, and their devices usually take the longest to achieve true root.

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