How To: Replace Galaxy S4 Screen Glass!

Replace Galaxy S4 Screen Glass!

Here's a video tutorial showing you how to replace Galaxy S4 screen glass if you broke your screen. This will allow you to easily fix your broken glass for under $20.

To do this, you will need some tools:

  • Hairdryer or heat gun
  • Time - about an hour
  • Replacement Glass
  • suction cup
  • plastic tools

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I need a replacement screen for my GS4 Active. Any thoughts?

Thanks for the video! Just wondering, where is the best place to get the screen from? Thanks! ;)

Amazon, but he doesn't show taking the metal off at all, this can take a long time just heating and taking off...I saw someone else post about a thermometer so you dont get it too hot to damage the lcd (whatever the processor that can cost 100's of $'s to replace....I tried for a bit and got no where so tempted to take to a shop...shouldnt cost THAT much when I already have the screen and kit.

What kind of glue would I need if needed? And did you do the screen replacement with your phone on? Does it matter?

You should always turn your device off and if you can, remove the battery.

You should not need any glue as most replacement screens will have an adhesive on them, like a peel off sticker.

I found the screen with the tools included for $6 on

Ive just got a screen for my phone as ive cracked the screen is it advisable to replace it myself or d I need a professional thanks

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