Forum Thread: How to Get or Download Adobe 11.1 to My Samsung Galaxy 3 Tab 7.0

How can I get or download Adobe Flash 11.1 to My Samsung Galaxy 3 Tab 7.0?

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Hi Pamela. You can follow the guide here.

The steps will be the same for your device.

Can't seem to get this to work...downloaded & installed the

most recent player, had firefox already installed, even installed the "sharing" app, sorry forgot the name. Firefox has desktop mode enabled, tried without and got the "you need adobe bs" while attempting to acess south prk studios. The video screen goes black takes some time to bring up the grey "you a f'n's a lego to look at" you get the idea. Any thoughts, I am on galaxy tab 3?

BTW this is a great site...thank you for your contributions and time, I have just about run my battery dry browsing.

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