How To: Install Flash Player on a Samsung Galaxy S5 to Stream Web-Based Flash Videos

Install Flash Player on a Samsung Galaxy S5 to Stream Web-Based Flash Videos

Over the course of the past few years, many websites have begun offering up a mobile-friendly HTML 5 version of their content. Videos that once required Adobe's Flash can now be played on any modern mobile web browser.

Yet a stubborn set of sites hold steadfast onto the past, as with Amazon's Instant Video service, rendering their content inaccessible on a stock Samsung Galaxy S5. But with the help of Mozilla's Firefox browser and a side-loaded Flash installer, you can still access this content from your GS5.

And if you're familiar with the average Flash-based streaming website, you know that ads and popups can mask a video to the point where it's very difficult to access. On a touchscreen device, this effect is even worse. But a popular Firefox add-on will help neutralize these ads, making Flash streams actually watchable.

For other devices, check out our guides on installing Adobe Flash Player on a Galaxy S4, Galaxy S3, Galaxy Note 2, HTC One, Nexus 5, and Nexus 7.

Step 1: Install Firefox for Android

The web browser that makes this all possible is the Android version of Firefox, so make sure to grab that here from Google Play.

Step 2: Enable Unknown Sources

Out of the box, Firefox does not include Flash, so you'll have to side-load the installer.

Open up your phone's Settings, then, under the System section near the bottom, tap Security. In here, tick the box next to Unknown Sources and press OK.

Step 3: Download the Flash Installer File

From your Galaxy's web browser, tap this link to grab a copy of the last version of the official Adobe Flash installer.

When the download is finished, tap the notification to launch the installer. On the next screen, hit Install, and when finished, press Done.

Step 4: Install the Adblock Plus Add-On for Firefox

At this point, if you open Firefox, you'll be free to enjoy Flash-based content. To remove the Flash-based ads and popups that come along with that feature, you'll just need to install an add-on.

From within Firefox, tap the three-dot menu button at the top and select Tools, then Add-ons.

Select Browse All Firefox Add-ons, then search Adblock Plus from the next page and tap the top result.

Now, just hit Add to Firefox and press Install on the subsequent pop up.

And that's it—you're now free to browse the entire Flash-enabled web on your Galaxy S5. And Flash streams are actually accessible without all of the ads!

What sites has this mod opened up for you? Do you have any Flash-based sites that you'd recommend for the GS5? Let us know in the comments section below.

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i would like to be able to see live timing in the site but still doesn't work.
any help would be great.


According to Firefox add-on adblocker is not available for Firefox on Android!

Don't know where you got your information because i just added on adblock plus on my Samsung Galaxy S5 which is an android I just followed the above steps downloaded Firefox and then I followed the rest of the instructions, took less then a couple of minutes on my Samsung Galaxy S5 again which is an Android device and easily added on adblock plus no problem. Adblock plus is most certainly available for Android devices.

Adobe stopped developing Flash Player for Android almost 3 years ago, so the version we have available to us is extremely out of date. Some sites require newer versions of Flash, and those don't exist for Android. My guess is ITTV needs a newer version of Flash, so it's incompatible with this one.

With HTML5 finally becoming more prevalent for these types of things, hopefully we won't have a need for Flash in the near future. Sites that still haven't re-written their web players in HTML5 are fewer and farther between these days.

It doesnt work for paid2youtube i did everything you said it still says device not compatible

It's getting to the point where Flash for Android is almost obsolete. The version linked here was last updated over 2 years ago (when Adobe abandoned support for Android), so modern sites that use newer versions of Flash may be incompatible.

This does not work. I downloaded and installed all the specified software. Everything functions correctly until I open a page requireing flash player. After a few seconds trying to load the page I get an error message saying firefox has crashed.

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