How To: Make Your Galaxy S4 Scroll-to-Top When Tapping the Status Bar—Like iOS Does

Make Your Galaxy S4 Scroll-to-Top When Tapping the Status Bar—Like iOS Does

While browsing the internet on your Samsung Galaxy S4, you've probably scrolled to the bottom of a very long webpage, Twitter feed, or down into the abyss of some other app. Depending just how far down you've scrolled, it can be a test of your patience (and fingertips) scrolling back up to the top.

With iOS devices, there's a built-in feature that automatically scrolls to the top for you, with just a tap (or two) of your status bar. Android hasn't had an equivalent feature—until now.

Blogger Sarah Vessels wrote a post about converting from iOS to Android, and mentioned this iOS feature and its absence from Android. The next day, popular XDA developer MohammedAG (whose mods we've featured many times before) responded by creating an Xposed module that does the same thing.

Follow along with this softModder tutorial to learn how to get it onto your Galaxy S4 right now.

Step 1: Prerequisites

You'll need a couple of things to get started here:

Step 2: Download "Statusbar Scroll to Top"

From the Xposed Installer's main menu, tap on Download to access the official repository of modules. You can use the search bar, or just scroll down the alphabetical list to find the module Statusbar Scroll to Top.

Tap on the Download button to get it onto your phone.

Step 3: Install the Module

After the download completes, the installer will pop up automatically. Tap the Install button in the lower right corner, then Done when it finishes.

Step 4: Activate the Module

Xposed will give you a notification reminding you to activate the module. You can tap on it to head to Xposed's Modules page (also accessible through Xposed's main menu, if you accidentally clear or miss the notification).

Once you're in the Modules page, look for Statusbar Scroll to Top and check the box.

Now reboot your GS4 for the module to go into effect.

Step 5: Tap Your Way to the Top!

You can test out your new mod in almost any app where you have to scroll down a lot. Long webpages, YouTube searches, Twitter feeds, Yelp reviews, you name it.

There are a few exceptions though; it doesn't work in Google Chrome, or manufacturer-modified apps like Samsung's TouchWiz version of the Contacts app. The app is still in early stages of the development (remember, it was created as a response to a blog post the day after), so you can stay up to date with MohammedAG's thread on XDA.

If you're aren't quite done modding, check out more Xposed mods and customizations. Any questions? Let us know in the comments.

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