Forum Thread: How Do I Get Photosphere?

I saw a Google commercial showing off a new type of panorama picture called Photosphere. My phone recently updated but I can't find this feature. Do I need to install soemthing?

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I've got good news and bad news.

  • The good news: Photosphere is available and pretty easy to install.
  • The bad news: You need to be rooted. (UPDATE: It's not all bad, here's an easy way to root)

If you are rooted, here's how to get Google's cool new toy:

  • Download this file. It contains the Camera and the Gallery for Android 4.2.
  • Make sure the file is in the root of your file system, and boot into recovery.
  • Wipe cache and dalvik cache, flash the file, fix permissions, reboot.

You will now notice that you have two cameras, the stock GS3 camera, and the Google camera. I love the GS3 camera, and still use it for everything except photosphere.

Also, the Google gallery is pretty good, but it is just a gallery. Again, I really only use it to view photosphere pictures. It is necessary? No, but with other gallery's, they look like nice panoramas. With the Google gallery, well, just check it out. It's an awesome way to view those pictures. Go to 4:30 in the video.

Also, try taking a Photosphere 360 degree picture. Then open that picture in the Google gallery. You'll notice a new button next to the photosphere button. Hit that and marvel at Google's genius.

It'll turn this picture:

Into this picture:

Yea it's a terrible picture to show off this feature with, but you get the idea. Take better pictures and post them in the comments.

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