Forum Thread: How Can I Get AOSP Lockscreen for Rooted or Non Rooted GS4

I know there are some apks that you can use through Xposed

but it doesn't really load for GS4. Also there are some links on the XDA forums but you have to do some coding with them. Is there any other way to get it or have someone already did it and I just can't find it?

Look forward to a response.....

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Yea this is a tough one as previous methods only worked on Android 4.1 and below; I assume you're on 4.3?

Let me do some digging and I will certainly let you know.

Cool I should let you know that I am on T Mobile GS4 TW running 4.2.2. Not looking to goto 4.3 yet.

Thanks for your help too!

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