How To: Get More Lock Screen Pattern Attempts Without Waiting on Your Samsung Galaxy Note 3

Get More Lock Screen Pattern Attempts Without Waiting on Your Samsung Galaxy Note 3

Lock screen security provides a means of safety when it comes to keeping others from breaking into our smartphones and snooping around on or stealing private information like documents, emails, photos, and videos.

While pattern locks are definitely useful, they can become a nuisance when you're in a hurry or just plain forgot your pattern and keep entering in the wrong one. After five incorrect attempts, your Note 3 will show a warning that states you have to now wait thirty seconds to try another pattern.

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I've already shown you how to keep finger smudges from revealing your pattern, but with More Lockscreen Pattern Attempts from Android dev Hamzah Malik, you can bypass the incorrect unlock pattern alert and get twenty attempts instead of just a measly five.

Step 1: Fulfill the Prerequisites

This app is not available on Google Play and needs root permissions to work, so before you can get started using it, you'll need to have the following three things taken care of on your Note 3.

Step 2: Install More Lockscreen Pattern Attempts

You can download More Lockscreen Pattern Attempts directly from the Modules area of Xposed Installer no your Note 3, or get the APK from the Xposed Module Repository online.

After the module has been downloaded, make sure to activate it and reboot your device.

Step 3: Unlock, Unlock, & Unlock

Now that the More Lockscreen Pattern Attempts module is activated, you will be able to unlock your pattern lock screen without any interruptions—up to twenty times. When the popups appear, press OK and you'll be able to bypass the time restrictions.

Once you reach the 20th try, you can enter the PIN associated with the pattern or try the pattern again.

It may be a minor thing to have to wait thirty seconds, but in today's day and age, we're impatient. If I can save half a minute with a quick mod, I'm doing it.

Note: More Lockscreen Pattern Attempts only works with pattern unlocks at the moment, but implementation for other securities types is in the works.

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I buy the unlock code for my Samsung Galaxy Note 3 N900a from and worked well. Now i am habitual of Samsung Galaxy Exhibit T599.

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