How To: Keep Wandering Eyes & Smudged Fingers from Revealing Your Galaxy Note 2's Password

Keep Wandering Eyes & Smudged Fingers from Revealing Your Galaxy Note 2's Password

Figuring out someone's password, pattern, or PIN isn't very difficult—simply watching over their shoulder or following the oil marks left across their screen is enough to figure them out and bypass whatever lock screen security they have.

Sure, you can enter your code in faster, but it'll still be visible, or set your passcode to change every minute, but if someone figures out your strategy, you're screwed.

A better way to keep your device secure is with Cyclic Lock from Android dev elesbb, which cycles between three of your passwords, patterns, or PINs every time you unlock your device. This means you'll unlock using one code, then your second the next time, and your third choice after that, until it comes back around to the first code.

Before you start, check out our guides on rooting your Galaxy Note 2, installing Xposed Framework, and enabling "Unknown sources" on your device—three prerequisites you'll need to use this app.

Step 1: Install Cyclic Lock

In order to install Cyclic Lock, you'll need to download it directly to your device using this link from the dev's post on XDA. This mod is not yet included in the Xposed Module Repository.

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After the app has been installed, you'll need to activate it before you can use it. Check out our full guide on activating Xposed modules for help if you don't know how.

Step 2: Set Your Passcodes

Cyclic Lock doesn't have an app or a UI, it's simply accessible from your device's stock Settings app. From Settings -> Lock Screen -> Screen Lock, you can choose whether you want to cycle password, pattern, or PIN locks.

I chose Pattern. Below you can see the process of entering a pattern and then creating the next one, until you have set up three. The process will be the same for passwords and PINs.

Step 3: Unlock Your Device

After you've set three patterns, lock your device and enter the first of your patterns. They will go sequentially, then change to the next one each time you input your pattern. Note that even if you incorrectly enter a pattern, it'll cycle to the next one.

As confirmation that Cyclic Lock is working, you'll receive a toast notification at the bottom of your device every time you unlock your device.

If you're looking for a unique security feature for your Samsung Galaxy Note 2, Cyclic Lock might just be it.

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