Forum Thread: A Headphone Jack Has Got Stuck in the Audio Port of My Partners S5, Can This Be Easily Removed as Anything Involving...


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Looks like your question got cut off. Did it break in there?

This happened to me and I tried the "glue" trick but to no avail. So, I had an idea and it worked for me.

  1. Take apart a cheap ballpoint pen (like a Bic) and extract the ink cartridge.
  2. Use the cartridge to slide over the tip of the stuck audio jack in the port. Press down firmly on the tip and give a slight tug to ensure you have captured the tip of the audio cable.
  3. Slowly pull out the cartridge straight up and hopefully the tip will come out with it.

Good luck!

In the bottom pics, the tip of the audio jack has been extracted and is stuck in the ink cartridge (opposite of the ballpoint).

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