How To: Disable Those Annoying "Water Damage" Popup Reminders on Your Galaxy S5

Disable Those Annoying "Water Damage" Popup Reminders on Your Galaxy S5

One of the coolest features of the Galaxy S5 is its IP67 certification. This means that the S5 is internally impenetrable to dust and can be submerged in water for thirty minutes at a depth of one meter. It's definitely a handy feature for folks who've lost a phone to a toilet in the past.

In order to absolve itself of responsibility in situations where the user didn't follow instructions, Samsung has integrated a set of popup messages into the S5's firmware. These popups, which show on startup and after you've disconnected your charging cable, inform you that you should check the back cover or the charging port to ensure that they are secure.

Sprint and Verizon variants of the Galaxy S5 offer the user an option to no longer show the message after it's been relayed a few times, but AT&T and T-Mobile models do not include this opt-out. If you're tired of seeing these messages like I am—or if you've removed your charging port cover and no longer care about the IP67 rating—there's a way around this nuisance.

What You'll Need

Step 1: Install Xposed G-Touchwiz

Developer Gert-Jan Anema has created an Xposed module that can rid your phone of these annoying popups, and it's called Xposed G-Touchwiz, available for free on the Google Play Store.

Step 2: Activate the Module & Reboot

When you've got Xposed G-Touchwiz installed, a notification will appear that lets you know that the module needs to be activated. Just tap this notification, then on the next screen, tick the box next to the Xposed G-Touchwiz entry.

Next, just reboot your phone so that the changes will take effect.

Step 3: Configure Xposed G-Touchwiz

When you've booted back up, head into the Xposed G-Touchwiz app to have a look around. You'll notice that those annoying pop-ups aren't the only thing the module can handle. Options are available for customizing the look of S-Finder and Quick Connect, as well as a way to remove the "Notifications" header in your notification panel.

But the two options we're mainly concerned with today reside at the bottom. Toggle the switches next to Disable battery cover popup and Disable USB cover popup to get rid of the annoying messages.

Afterwards, a reboot will be needed to make the changes take effect. Tap Soft reboot at the bottom and press OK on the subsequent dialog box. If asked, Grant the app Superuser privileges.

When your phone comes back up, you'll notice that the battery cover pop-up is gone right off the bat. Plug and unplug your charger, and you won't see that message either.

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Great idea but after installing it causes continous "Unfortunately, HealthService has stopped." popups to occur on my phone. Solution?

For some weird reason, the Xposed Framework breaks S-Health. But there's a fairly easy way to fix it.

First, use the Xposed Installer app to uninstall the Xposed Framework (go to the Framework section of Xposed Installer, then tap Uninstall and reboot when it's done).

Then, grab any root-enabled file browser (I'd recommend FX File Explorer) and go to the System folder on the root partition of your phone. From here, long-press the build.prop file and choose Open With, then Text Editor.

There will be a bunch of lines in the build.prop file, but find the one that reads and change it to read Once you've done that, tap the 3-dot menu button at the top of the screen and select Save to update the build.prop file to include your changes.

After that, reboot your phone, then when you get back up, re-install the Xposed Framework and activate the Xposed G-Touchwiz module again. With all of that done, you shouldn't have any more issues with HealthService errors.

This is driving me nuts but the giant pop-up warning me I might soft brick my phone makes me too nervous to try it. :S

Laura, try it, it worked on my S5 Active like a charm!

doesn't work. i advise not trying this because the software is from an unverified publisher.

Most good software comes from "unverfied" publishers.
Have you ever tried to use an AdBlocker that actually works?
You will not find it on Google because Google prohibits disabling ads.
I am rooted, AdFree & Pop-Up FREE, YEAH!!!
Get your facts right before you write BullShit!

WONDERFUL! Works like a charm! Thanks

Hey I had theses pop ups about the back cover coming up all the time. I had a cheap micro Sd card in at the time. It was this causing the problem. Somehow it was telling my phone it had been removed and re inserted. The phone assumes u have removed the cover to do this so the pop up comes up.

I bought a decent make Sd card and the notifications stopped!!
Hope this helps

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