How To: View Your Twitter Feed Faster & Tweet from Anywhere on Your Samsung Galaxy S4

View Your Twitter Feed Faster & Tweet from Anywhere on Your Samsung Galaxy S4

Fact: we live in a world where social media dictates our behaviors and shapes our perceptions. Maybe some of us are addicted more than others, but most of society uses some type of social media, whether it's Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat , or something new that I've never heard of.

Twitter is my personal favorite, as it serves as my main source for relevant news and entertainment in 140 characters or less. With that in mind, my Twitter experience can be even more efficient and condensed for Android.

From the same dev that brought us Ghost Contact, Sinan Kozak has developed Tweet Balloon, which allows us to view Twitter feeds and tweets from within any application.

The Basics of Tweet Balloon for Twitter

You can use this app as a basic Twitter client to view your feed, tweets, and activity, but the main feature is the Tweet Balloon (its namesake) that you can enable by tapping Balloon.

(1) Tap on "Balloon". (2) The floating balloon will appear.

The bubble will discretely nest on the side of your screen and can be moved around by tapping and holding. Tap on it to open and view your feed.

(1) The tweet balloon on my home screen. (2) Readin' and tweetin'.

Using Tweet Balloon to Access Twitter in Any App

As mentioned, you can easily access Tweet Balloon from within an application to view your feed or send a tweet, then continue with what you were doing.

(1) The tweet balloon on my browser. (2) Readin' and tweetin'.

Pause your game, tap on the bubble, do your thing, then hide it. It makes using my device smooth with no interruptions.

(1) The tweet balloon in a game. (2) Readin' and tweetin'.

This app completely replaces the need to open the primary Twitter application, at least for me. Never again will you need to stop what you're doing to post that life-changing tweet.

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