Forum Thread: Why Do My Pictures Come Out So Blurry?

Seems like all the pictures I take are coming out blurry. I don't think it's the phone because my friends S3 takes great pictures. Did I get a faulty phone?

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Couple of things to try here Beth. First, check to make sure that the lens is clean and that your case isn't covering it. I know it seems dumb, but a little smudge that's barely noticeable to the eye has a big effect on the lens.

Second, go to your camera and and hit the Settings button. Scroll down and turn on Anti-Shake.

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These steps should fix your blurry picture issue, but let me know how it goes either way.

I have the same problem and turned on anti shake...but the photo's are still blurry.

Some medications, such as antidepressants, can cause your hands to shake. Several of my friends and I have the same problem with our pictures for the same reason. But I am going to try the above idea to see if it helps.

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