Forum Thread: What Bloatware Is Safe to Remove?

I just switched from AOKP to a Touchwiz based rom -- while the rom is somewhat trim, I feel like there's a lot of Samsung and Sprint stuff that I can freeze so it doesn't eat up my resources.

Is there a list of apps and processes that are safe to freeze without it compromising other apps and processes?

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I came across this list a while ago but it's still applicable. All these apps are safe to remove, but doing so will leave you with a fairly stripped down phone. Go through the list and decide. I suggest that if you don't know what the app is or does, at least research it before you remove it.

The list is available here; use passcode "galaxys3".

That's an awesome list!

To each is own, but I would suggest you "freeze" apps rather than remove them, at least at first. That way, if you realize you did need it, you don't have to worry about reflashing a rom or tearing apart zips to extract apks.

I noticed that this file/note expired. Here is it for anyone that wants it.

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