Forum Thread: Updating to Lollipop Without Loosing Root

I'd like to flash the new update (5.0) without loosing root and eventually data as well. Can I flash it through Odin desktop or mobile Odin?

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Which specific update are you referring to? At this point, using the Odin method will wipe data, which means it will also remove root.

I'd bet on an Odin root method to be released fairly soon, but updating through Odin will always wipe data.

Your other option is to wait a bit longer for a Lollipop ROM, which you can flash in recovery. Even still though, it would be a good idea to wipe your data.

The best method to update and keep data is to wait for the OTA update.

Ok the update is G900FXXU1BNL9. So there is no way I can update to stock ROM keeping my root (I would like to restore my apps with titanium backup). Either I update it with kies or Odin at this point doesn't make any difference, I would loose both data and root. I may wait for the cyanogenmod cm12 stable release, but it doesn't look any good now. I'll update via kies and then wait for root again. Also I can't update via ota because of the root.

You can also flash the 5.0 ROM here. That way, you'll have root, and if you're feeling adventurous, can even try flashing without fully wiping data (though I think that may cause more problems than it's worth).

Thank you Faisal!

By the way to close the circle, I finally updated to lollipop trough kies (it has become available just yesterday in my country) and I didn't lose any data (with great surprise). And I will wait a more stable update before rooting my s5 again.

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