Forum Thread: Removing Ads from Free Apps

Ads in free apps always bug me. They're so distracting. Is there a way to hack the apps to remove the ads?

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There's no need to hack the apps. Just prevent the ads from loading in the first place. A lot of them are just images that are loaded from a server. What you wanna do is go on to the Play Store and download AdAway. Note that it requires you to be rooted.

When it prompts you, click "Grant" to allow AdAway to run.

Click the first option for "Download files and apply ad blocking"

AdAway will begin downloading app data for blocking ads.

Afterwards, it'll prompt you to reboot. Click reboot. Once your phone starts up again, open up an app that you know has ads. They should be gone now!

Dude this is awesome. Works great on free games!

Good to hear!

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