News: Immensely Popular Go Launcher Gets Big Update & Offers Free Prime Until June 1st

Immensely Popular Go Launcher Gets Big Update & Offers Free Prime Until June 1st

With the Galaxy S5's root bounty over $18,000 and climbing, there's still no Superuser in sight. That doesn't mean we can't tweak and personalize our shiny new toys, though. Several customization options are available just by virtue of the S5's Android base, and installing a custom launcher is one of the fastest ways to get a fresh look.

The ever-popular Go Launcher received a version bump today, bringing it to 5.0, and ushering in a ton of new features and styles. To celebrate the new release, the folks at Sungy Mobile are offering up their launcher's Prime features for free this weekend (through June 1st).

Have a look for yourself—see the all-new Go Launcher in action and decide if it's the feel you want on your Galaxy's home screen. If you opt to install the launcher and want the free Prime features, continue reading after the jump.

Even if you're not all-in, it's worth a download to grab the free Prime version, which is normally six bucks.

Installing Go Launcher

The home screen replacement app is available as a free download on the Google Play Store.

When you've got the app installed, just press your Home button. A dialog box will appear, asking you to Complete Action Using one of your installed launchers. Choose Go Launcher EX from this list, and tap Always to set it as your default home screen app.

Unlocking the Prime Features for Free

The free version of Go Launcher that you just installed normally has ads and restricts access to some features. To remove these ads and unlock all of the features that the Prime version offers, there's a coupon code to enter.

Start by long-pressing any empty space on your new home screen to bring up Go's menu. From here, tap Preferences, then scroll down to the bottom of the list and hit About Go Launcher EX.

Next, hit Enter activation code, then type in appsales and hit OK.

Not only will this code remove all ads from the launcher, it will unlock various Prime features in the preferences. Options that have been made available will be denoted by a New badge next to their respective settings entries.

With a regular price of $5.99, Go Launcher Prime is a heck of a deal this weekend—you can't beat free stuff. And with a polished new interface, what's not to love?

How are you liking your new home screen? Are there any settings that you found particularly useful? Let us know in the comments section below.

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