Forum Thread: Phone Retakes Control of WiFi Interface Shutting Down Tethering Immediately?

I have a sprint s3 rooted and whenever I tether it, it says: "What the hell your phone took back control over wifi interface. Immediate tethering shut down now". How can I get around this to stop it?

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Going to need some more info. A screenshot of the issue, Android version, any roms or mods you may be on, etc.

I have jellybean 4.1.2 and no mods r roms all I did was root it

I am having the same issue. No mods just rooted. What he has in quotes is the exact message. I got it going and it seemed to work ok the first time.. I shut it down and tried again about 30 mins later. Now the tether will not stay active more then 30 seconds before getting that message.

Figured it out kind of. Tether shuts off Wifi and after that wifi starts acting up. I have to reboot the phone to get wifi to work again. (or tether for that matter)

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