How To: Squeeze Out an Extra 5 Minutes of Battery Life in Critical Situations on a Galaxy Note 2 or 3

Squeeze Out an Extra 5 Minutes of Battery Life in Critical Situations on a Galaxy Note 2 or 3

We've all been there.

Rushing to find an outlet because your smartphone's battery is about to die and you're in the middle of uploading a picture on Instagram or something else of dire importance.

Android's operating system shuts down automatically when ever there is 1% left in order to allow for a proper shut down, and so as not to mess with the calibration of the battery, extending its overall life.

If you want to disregard Android's safety measures I'm going to show you an Xposed module which allows you to bypass your phone's auto-shutdown feature when it detects a critically low battery, extending your battery life.

Since this is an Xposed module, be sure to follow my full guide on how to download and install Xposed if you haven't done so already.

Step 1: Download & Activate DisableCriticalBatteryShutdown

You can download DisableCriticalBatteryShutdown, from Android dev zst123, directly from Xposed Installer, under the Download section of the application. Select it and then download and install.

Note: Tested on Android 4.0 & 4.1, but should work on anthing 2.3 and later

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In order to activate the module, head over to Modules, check the box next to DisableCriticalBatteryShutdown and then either Soft Reboot or Reboot your device.

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Step 2: Use Your Phone, Live Life and Profit

Once your phone is done rebooting, the module will be activated with no interface or settings to manage. Now when your phone is critically low on battery life, instead of it shutting down, you'll receive a notification for any blocked shutdowns in your drop-down menu. While the amount of extra time will vary, most users should have around an extra five minutes of battery time.

Warning: To be absolutely clear: Using this module can cause possible damage and other issues to your device. Also, lithium-Ion batteries are not made to be drained completely everyday, as this will decrease the lifespan of your battery, so only let your phone die once in a while.

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Does it work on Note 3 Kitkat 4.4.2?

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