Forum Thread: My Samsung I Phone g3 Galaxy Does Not Change Date Automatically. It Changes Date When Restarted. How Can the Problem Be

problem No. 2 is that i have loaded ufone super card of Rs. 500 which offers free internet. How i can connect to internet where wi fi or internet access point are not available. thanks

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I think the two problems might be related. My Galaxy S5 always re-calibrates the time when it starts up, and it uses an internet service to do that. If it can't connect to the internet, it can't sync the clock with the internet time service.

If your Ufone SIM isn't giving you access to mobile data, it might be a result of the phone not having the proper APN (Access Point Name) for your cellular network. Try going to your phone's Settings, then "More Networks", then "Mobile Networks", then tap "Access Point Names". Tap the entry that is already selected, then make sure it says "ufone.pinternet" under "APN". If not, you'll have to manually set up a new APN. Here is a good website that has the APN settings for Ufone.

If that doesn't fix your problem with the mobile internet connection, I would suggest calling Ufone.

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