Forum Thread: How Do I Turn Off the Camera Sound?

It's alarming and annoying, especially in quiet places or meetings.

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This bugged me too. It's not a fix, but I downloaded a silent camera app from the Play store.

It doesn't have all the cool features of the regular camera, but it works if you just need a silent camera occasionally.

Are you rooted? If so, do this:

  1. Fire up your root file explorer and naviagte to /system/media/audio/ui
  2. Delete the files "cameraclick.ogg" and "camerashutter.ogg"

If you're not root, try Kyle's idea. It's not perfect, but it works.

BTW, not being able to turn off the shutter sound is actually a legal requirement in the US, so ALL phones sold in the States have this annoyance.

Ok thanks guys. I got the silent camera app. I'm not rooted, but it's something I'll think about.

I thought it was just Sprint and Verizon in the states who keep the shutter sound on? Doesn't AT&T let you disable it in the settings?

And...could a screenshot be silenced? If so, that's be a good way to be discreet if necessary.

Actually, upon further review, I realize that while a bill was introduced, it never passed (H.R. 414). So there's really no legality issue here, but I do know that as Fortum said, Sprint and Verizon do not offer options to turn it off.

As far as silencing the screenshot sound, you can download this app(download on your device, remember to tick off Unknown Sources in Settings>Security).

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