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I'm just curious, after doing lots of internet research, and hearing people's complaints, could you please answer this question for me?

If an insured USA AT&T Samsung Note 4 or Apple Iphone 6 is reported lost or stolen which is under AT&T contract, and the insurance company pays out on the claim, does the lost Phone's IMEI number become "blocked"?

If so then I would like to know the possibilities for unlocking the blocked phone & use it in India.

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There are 3 different IMEI statuses that the carriers see when they're looking at a device: o, ^, and X.

o Means the device is clear and paid for
^ Means the device is clear but financing is not completely paid off
X Means the device has been reported lost or stolen, or the owner has skipped out on financing payments

In this situation, even with the insurance factored in, all the carrier is gonna see is the "X" status. So they'll almost assuredly block the IMEI on their network.

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