Forum Thread: T-Mobile Galaxy Note 3 Update is Live

Just a Quick Note to Say That the T-Mobile KITKAT Update for the Galaxy Note 3 Is Live and Available. Downloading It Right Now.

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... and the final results: The update went without a hitch. The biggest difference I see is a noticeable bump UP in speed. I am happy to say that on a quick glance through the system I don't see any apps that have mysteriously disappeared. Then again, I might be missing something.

One note about my phone: I had already installed Google Now before this update. I was hoping that the Kit Kat install would play nice .. and not wipe out the Now launcher settings. The Kit Kat update left everything styled and organized exactly as it was before.

I hope the update goes as smoothly for everyone else as it did for me this morning.



Very cool, thanks for the information Rick!

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