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I have been trolling WonderHowTo for the past 3 years (actually since I began to root Android and jailbreak iOS smartphones, that is, if you actually consider Apple products to be "smart."). Anyway, I started this forum because I actually bricked a few phones - which, as you can imagine, really screwed up my day - and wanted a place in which we could share lessons learned (or whatever).

When not here, I work as a Wage Slave for a small software company in technical sales support (which sucks but it pays the bills). So, hit me up if you have any questions, comments and/or concerns.

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Hi, all!

I just broke free of my AT&T contract and finally ditched my old iPhone. I usually don't read the technical articles on WonderHowTo but have seen some really neat tricks done with Android phones so I wanted to expand my horizons.

I am a graphic designer for a small interactive agency. At night I transform into a game avenger that does yoga...

I dabble in the digital underground and have been doing so for a very long time...

I ran my first bulletin board on a Commodore 128 and was the Sysop of a large BBS in college. I am not a hacker but was a very good social engineer (retired).

For fun, I prototype a lot of interesting products and recently decided to focus my attention on mobile devices.

Hey All,

Let me start by saying that I love Android. You could even call me a fanboy (although I prefer that term stick with the Apple crowd).

My first device was the original Evo 4G, and it took all of 2 weeks before I was rooted and deeply immersed in the world of Android. I jumped from rom to rom until sticking with AOSP based Paranoid Android (at the time, I was willing to forego some basic functionality for the "latest and greatest", which was ICS).

I currently own the Sprint Samsung Galaxy S3, usually running the latest and greatest while staying within the realm of Touchwiz. There's absolutely nothing wrong with CM/AOKP/PA (and I'm sure to make that jump if/when Sammie stops updating the device), but I really love a lot of the Touchwiz exclusive features.

Wonderhowto is really cool in that it seems a great place to gain knowledge on this phone, as well as a ton of other stuff, without having to dig through thousands of places/posts.

With that in mind, I'm going to be a Mod for the GS3 Softmodder forum, and am here to answer and discuss any and all questions, concerns, tips, tricks, mods, whatever. There are a ton of things this phone can do, and collectively we can uncover all of them.

Hey, got a Samsung Galaxy S3 Progre (Japan model) and I'm having the worst luck in trying to find out if this thing is root able! Everywhere I go I find dead ends...any one have any idea's on this?

Also, hello.

I am a disabled lady who's trying to learn more about Android and the Galaxy 3 mobile phone. It is my lifeline, as I'm often bed-ridden a lot at the moment due to a whole list of conditions that I won't bore you with. I can only use a touchscreen phone or tablet due to the arthritis in my hands.

I'm definitely no techno wiz, so please could you help me by using dummie language?

I'm a very positive independent lady who lives each day as it comes.

Thanks for your support guys, it's much needed!

Enjoy your life as you never know what's round the corner!!

Loves ya loads,


Hi all just found this community last night I am a Samsung s3 user and I have sprint...I wear the tech hat in my family lol been wanting to root my phone but have been scared to nice to meet you all!

Glad you joined us! Rooting may seem like a lot of steps, but it's really easy. Give it a shot! And of course, we're here to answer any questions.

Hi all! I just found this site and I'm very excited about learning more about my phone. I have been using Samsung phones for years and love them, although the GS3 seems to be a less user friendly than my last one. I am hoping to find "fixes" for some of the issues that I've been having! Speaking of which. .. where do I post my questions?

Cool, welcome! You can always post questions in our forums, but is there anything you're specifically looking to do?

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