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Hey. Basically I took a video and i would like to know how i would take a photo or screenshot of a paused frame to have that frame as a picture on my phone? I have tried for ages to try and figure it out but i just cant get my head round it!!


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if you are looking at the video through the video player if you tap the screen u should see a little camera that will take a pic of what ever u looking at

Which version do you have, Herman? I've got an AT&T SGH-I747 running 4.1.1 and I don't see the camera icon in my Video Player for screenshots. I have to press and hold the Menu and Home key to take one in the Video Player, or use the Palm Swipe if Motion is activated.

Finally got 4.1.2 and the little camera icon is there. :)

just a little fyi they holding back your 4.1.2 update your best bet is to hold the screen capture buttons or install a custom rom

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