Forum Thread: Screen Cracked. How Do I Fix It?

Dropped my phone and now the screen is busted. Not getting an touches recognized now. How can I fix this myself? I don't wanna buy another Galaxy S 3.

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Looks like your digitizer is broken. Can you see anything on the display? Are icons or the wallpaper showing up? Or are there cracks on there too?

Nothing shows on the screen. That bad?

Sounds like you'll have to replace the glass, digitizer, and the LCD. You can buy the parts online on eBay either separately or preassembled. I recommend you get it already assembled together. Makes swapping them out easier. Buy a set of screwdrivers specifically for the Galaxy S 3 and make sure it comes with a pry tool.

Any tutorials for how to get that done?

Check on Youtube for tutorials. There are plenty of them to help you out. Take your time and you'll get the repair done with any problems. Good luck.

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