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I love my new s4 but What I need is a way to stop missed calls and messages notifications from showing on my lock screen. Especially if its locked with a pin. My problem is these notifications cover the owner info and personal message. So if my phone is lost, the contact info is not visible.At this time there are no settings to remedy this. The latest update only allowed for apps to be moved to sd card storage.I would dearly love a solution. Thanks in advance for any help.

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Since the S4 doesn't have any way to go into the settings to disable this (which is annoying), you can do a couple of things:


  • You can download a root file browser like ES File Exploxer from the Play Store,
  • Go to System -> App
  • Rename: KeyguardWidget.apk to KeyguardWidget.apk.bak
  • Reboot your device
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2) Download 3rd party lockscreen app from the Play Store to replace the one you have, which should override the Samsung widgets, and then disable all widgets.

If none of these work, or you want a walk-through, let me know!

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