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When not being paranoid about my personal information being compromised, to some degree, by pretty much every application on my phone, I return to practical matters I can actually control.

Encryption, is the act of encoding data. In our case, we mean encoding the information on our phones so that other people (and organizations) can't read our personal data without being stopped (or at least inconvenienced to some degree).

So let us know what you think. I have a lot of awful stories regarding the dark arts that I wish I had learned earlier and prior to having my device compromised...

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App Review: crypTO (AES)

Not to rain on anyone's parade but while this app, which describes itself as a "lightweight and powerful utility that calculates hashes from text or files" sounds promising; it also takes great liberties with the word powerful.

First, the application queries to ask permission to go online. This is a big problem. Unfortunately, the app uses the MD5 Message-Digest Algorithm which was declared weak in the mid 1990s. In technology terms that is a very, very long time ago. Kind of like your 10 year old dog that is "really" 500 in human years (or whatever).

Second, the app isn't open source. This means that we really have no idea what is going on under the hood.

Third, the First and Second points I made mean don't install it on your Android device.


Yeah, but unless you are dealing with The Man MD5 is more than sufficient.

If you have information in your possession that critical just don't put it on a mobile wireless device.

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