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What is the fastest (and best) way to create a call rejection list? I want to also have the ability to play specific messages to certain numbers. Can I do this through my carrier or do I need to download an app? Please excuse my ignorance as I just broke free from my iPhone.

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I take it you have a lot of trolls in your life?

There are couple of apps out there that provide call rejection functionality but if you want do do this for "free" here is one simple method you can try.

First, if you want to reject specific callers (and it sounds like you have several) you first need to make sure the Auto reject mode is turned ON (so set it to the ON position).

Next select the Call rejection tab to access the Call rejection menu.

After doing this you can add as many numbers as you would like to your Auto rejection list.

To add additional numbers to the Auto reject list:

  1. Select the Auto reject list by tapping on it.
  2. Choose to Create an Auto reject entry by selecting the + icon
  3. Type in their number or select the Contact icon to choose a Contact that you want to Auto reject

When finished, select the Save button. Now, when the troll calls, they automatically get rejected!

I hope that helps and good luck!

Thank you. This is just what I was looking for.

Yes, I have trolls in my life. I tried to kiss a few but didn't get the fairly tale ending I imagined. Curse Disney and their lies.

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