Forum Thread: (build.prop) The Codes Might Have Done Something Here

I tried the build.prop thing out. copied everything word for word but something seems to have a problem

can anyone help?
after applying these:

  • Fast Reboot
  • Increase VM Heap Size (Resolve Some FC's)
  • Render UI with GPU
  • Video Acceleration Enabled
  • Increase Performance
  • Deeper Sleep / Better Battery Life
  • Ringing Will Start Immediately
  • Increase Quality of Media Streaming
  • Off the Proximity Quickly After Call
  • Signal Tweaks
  • NetSpeed Tweaks
  • Touch Responsiveness
  • Power Save Tweaks
  • Faster Scrolling
  • Wi-Fi to Scan Less Frequently
  • Improve Battery When No Signal
  • Frees RAM to Allow Applications to Load Faster

now i can't seem to open the widgets menu properly
every time i try to scroll through the widget menu or add a widget from the first page, it just force closes on me

How to Tweak Your Samsung Galaxy S3's Performance with These "Build.prop" Android Hacks « Samsung GS3 SoftModder

How to Tweak Your Samsung Galaxy S3's Performance with These "Build.prop" Android Hacks « Samsung GS3 SoftModder One of the best things about the Samsung Galaxy S3 is the ability to modify the device in countless ways, as with any other Android device.

A recent guide on adding softkeys to the GS3 from mod Faisal inspired me to share some information on how to edit build.prop, which is your device's "ID Card". It tells applications the specifications of your device, so that apps adjust their interface or function for your specific device. Editing the build.prop file is most commonly used for changing LCD density, build number, and your device's model or manufacturer. Changing your "fingerprint", model

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I placed the original VM heap size back to 256 and it works again.
Can someone explain how and why?

Sorry that happened but glad you figured it out. VM Heap Size will vary from device to device so try 64 first. If you haven't noticed any increase in performance (ie zero lag, zero redraws) you should actually try a higher number. Out of curiosity, what carrier are you on or what specific device model?

Also, everything else working okay?

There was an iincrease in performance but it will suddenly force close once it tries to load something with a lot of stuff in it such as the widgets menu and the s planner widget. Other than that it was smooth

I almost forgot.I'm now running the leaked4.2.1since I'm on the international version . It drains the battery too much :(

Hmm...I have a US version so I haven't played with 4.2.1. Since it was a leak, I'd expect them to address these issues before we see anything official.

The app "android tweaker" (made by devs from JellyBam) has all these hacks and more available at a push of a button. I have it and it's lovely when flashing new Roman. I also have the free version of "android tuner" with has a grip of other hacks/optimizations.. Those 2 apps got me fully laced and loving it... Badabop bada!! Lol

On whatever version of android you are in will not matter for the build prop tweaks right?

It shouldn't matter. Try them with 4.2.1, just be sure to at a minimum, back up the build.prop file.

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