Forum Thread: MHL Adapter Doesn't Work

My buddy gave me his MHL adapter but it doesn't work on my phone. Am I doing something wrong?

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I'm guessing the cable you got wasn't used on an S3...

Samsung changed the plug for the S3, so all other universal MHL cables will not work. Kind of a bad move on their part.

You can get a new one for the S3 for about $40, or you can get an adapter for the old one for about $15.

Yea kind of a bummer that as MHL cables finally got cheap, Samsung decided to roll with another one.

I never had one to begin with, so I went ahead and got the one for the S3. Kind of regret it now as they had a bundle for a little less that had the old MHL cable plus the S3 adapter. At least that way, the cable could work on other phones as well.

Definitely the cable. Had a similar issue with a no name brand cable. You get what you pay for.

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