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Last month I updated my Note 3 (not sure what kind of update) and the command buttons on top was changed. The GPS button is now shown as Location.

Since I travel a lot, I share my location with my girlfriend using Google+ so that we know each other's whereabouts.

However after the update she is unable to locate me anymore unless I turn on the "location" button. I decided to turn off the "location" as it drains my battery but previously the 3G data is enough to detect my whereabout using Google+.

Can someone please assist on how to enable location sharing without turning the "Location" on? Thanks in advance

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Location sharing would require GPS, so the only way is enabling it. Are you sure you didn't have wi-fi on previously? Your phone can triangulate where you are based on nearby access points, so it wouldn't need the GPS.

Hi Danny, previously it was 3G and location sharing was ticked in the setting without having to switch on GPS. After the update, the "Location" needs to be switched on before location sharing is enabled.

I am concerned about this because when I am on the move, the phone battery needs to be sufficient for making and answering calls.

I understand. In my experience, GPS won't hurt your battery unless an app requests your location constantly. Are you sure you don't have an app draining your battery? I would switch location on and not worry too much about battery life.

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