Forum Thread: I Have a Samsung Galaxy tab4 (Wifi Only)That Has No Sims Card Slot.

How Do I Connect It to Verizon Wireless Phone Service/?? What do I need to buy?

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Since you posted this three months ago, I'm sure you've already received your answer.... But if not, then I'll tell you that you won't be able to connect a "wi-fi" only tab to any of the companies. It doesn't have a sim card slot. I also have a tab 4, 8.0.

As I said you won't be able to connect to a company like Verizon, T-Mobile, etc. But you can get a hotspot from Verizon & connect your tab through your hotspot. I used to have a separate hotspot to use.. Then I got to thinking & now I just use my phone as my Hotspot. It works out well with no problems. Like I said you probably have already figured this out, but if not good luck and I hope I helped out in some way!

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