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Yeah, I know, a forum isn't a dictionary but a shared vocabulary makes things a hell of a lot easier. You know, a vocabulary in which an apple is an apple and an Android isn't an Apple. This includes device specific language, technical terms and of course slang.

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Okay...where to start. Let us start with rooting.


First Point: Rooting is a device hack that provides users with unrestricted access to the entire file system.

Second Point: A device hack is when we re-configure and/or re-program a phone (or system).

Third Point: Basically, although not entirely technically accurate, when we say file system we mean the system software which takes orders from the operating system.

Basically, the Android equivalent of jailbreaking an iPhone. Of course, it would have been too simple to accept a term already used in the vernacular.

Person 1: I am so going to jailbreak my S3 when I get home.
Person 2: Douche bag, when talking about Android devices we use the term rooting.


A SoftModder is anyone who enjoys making modifications (or changes) to their phone. This includes simple physical modifications, like adding accessories; minor changes, like personalizing the display or more advanced modifications which require the phone to be "rooted."

Basically, anyone who wants to improve the performance of their phone, unleash additional "hidden" capabilities and/or pimp their device is a SoftModder.

Person 1: We do not speak her name!
Person 2: Henceforth, we shall call her a SoftModder.


First, we are not talking about the common construction material that is used to make houses.

Instead we are talking about consumer electronics, like your tablet or smart phone, that due to misconfiguration, can no longer operate.

The term, like most other words associated with a negative outcome, can also be used as a verb.

Person 1: Wow, I suck. I just bricked my Nexus 7.
Person 2: Ha, ha. Yes, you do suck.
Person 1: A little sympathy cost $200 bucks!
Person 2: No.

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