Forum Thread: Can I Get Rid of the Audio Apps When I Plug in Headphones?

Every time I plug in headphones, I get a row of apps on the notification bar. I never use them and it just takes up space. Can I turn this off somehow?

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This was a pretty common annoyance when the phone came out, and luckily Samsung did something about it. In the past, you had to root and run a custom ROM that removed these for you. Now, with the latest updates, anyone can turn this "feature" off, you just need to know where to look.

Firstly, make sure you're on the latest update. To do this, go to Settings, scroll to the bottom and hit System Update, then update Samsung Software and Firmware.

Next, go back to Setting and go to Accessory. From there, simply uncheck Audio Applications. Bam!

AC!D Sound Mod is a mod for rooted devices that enhances the overall sound of the phone, from music to alerts/notifications. It works on the speaker, headphones, headsets, and bluetooth.

You can get it here, make sure to check compatibility (though since you're on the GS3 forum, I assume you have a GS3, which is of course compatible).

I like that sound mod, nice find!

my phone doesnt have the " Audio Applications" check marks to uncheck. what can i do. im actually not trying to remove them but trying to bring them back, they seem to have disapered.

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