Forum Thread: Useful Tips - No Programming Required.

Okay, here is a list of useful tips for getting more out of your phone.

Did we say no programming required?

Bluetooth tethering:

First, pair your phone with your computer.

Second, configure your computer to obtain its network connection via Bluetooth.

Ready? Here we go:

  1. Starting from the Home screen, select options Menu, then select

Settings > More settings > Tethering.

  1. Connect the phone to your computer via a USB cable.
  1. Select Bluetooth tethering to turn tethering On (or Off).

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Here is another very useful one I just used a few minutes ago...

Implement a Rejection Message

This is an awesome and easy to use feature. Basically, you can set-up a message for a specified rejected call number and the message will automatically play when the troll (ex-boyfriend, credit collectors, etc) tries to hit you up.

Okay? Here we go...

First, from the Home screen, select the Phone icon.

Second, select options Menu > Call Settings > Set reject messages.

Third, Manage messages:

So, to create new messages, select Create, then follow the

If you want to modify an existing message, simply select the message, then edit away.

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