Forum Thread: Battery Gets Drain Quickly After the Update of 4.1.2.Give Me a Solution

Ever since updating to Android 4.1.2, my battery has been draining much faster than before. Any ideas on how to improve it?

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I suffered with this when I got the update on my Vodafone supplied Note 2. The first answer is to do a factory reset. There is no other way. I actually ended up doing it twice to get my phone back to how it was with battery life. The next problem I had was it lost all of its 100% reliability. For those of you than remember Windows 95 you know what I mean. Dummy File Generator on Google Play helped enormously with that issue. Run it several times and again if you get any more crashes. The final fix was rooting my device, installing Titanium and wiping the Dalvic Cache. Don't know what it is or what it does but the moment I wiped it my phone became a useful item again. This is the second Android phone I have had major issues with after an "upgrade" of the OS. The last one ended up being a paperweight!

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