How To: Add Every Volume Slider to Android's Notification Tray

Add Every Volume Slider to Android's Notification Tray

Your device has several volume levels that are regularly adjusted: the alarm, media, and ringer. Keeping track of the various volumes on a device can become an easy-to-forget task, potentially resulting in you not hearing an alarm in the morning, as you have to enter the sound options or trigger a volume change, then expand the dialog box that pops up.

Like me, developer Hamzah Malik found this to be less efficient than many would prefer and has implemented a better way, via an Xposed mod, that places the volume sliders in the notification panel for easier sound adjustments. Make sure you have a rooted device with the Xposed Framework installed, as well as "Unknown sources" checked in your settings.

Step 1: Install Notification Volume Seekbar

Go into the Xposed Installer app, select "Download," and search for Notification Volume Seekbar, then swipe over and install. After doing so, properly activate the module and reboot—once your device is back up, you'll have better access to your volumes, directly through the notification tray.

Step 2: Adjust Your Scale Positioning & Length

Locate the NotificationVolume app in your app drawer—this is where the setting are located. You'll be able to set a Padding from bottom, which will help adjust how high the bars will be from the bottom of notification tray. You can also edit the Seekbar width to expand the length of your notification panel—500-1,000 should expand it across the length of the tray, depending on your Android. Restart your device to apply any changes.

Final Thoughts & Known Issues

The module works great, and definitely makes both viewing and adjusting the volume on your device much easier. But as convenient as it is, there are some minor issues with this mod.

First, if you have a bunch of notifications, they can interfere and overlap with the volume sliders, but clearing them away will do the trick. Second, if the volume is raised or lowered using the hard keys, it will not be reflected in the notification sliders.

Aside from those minor issues, which will hopefully be addressed in an update, I'm really digging this mod. Let us know your thoughts, either through the comments, Facebook, or Twitter.

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